If I Were Awesome

If I were awesome, I would go for a run 5 times a week.

If I were awesome, I would have fresh baked breakfast bread on Sunday mornings.

If I were awesome, my shoes would always be polished.

If I were awesome, I would make my bed every day.

If I were awesome, I would be able to find the USB cable to my camera to download the radical photos from our family trip to Disneyland last weekend.

Alas, for these reasons, I am not awesome. In conclusion, we all lose.

The end.


Facebook Is Proof That God Loves Us and Wants Us to Be Happy

I have a friend (the handsome guy on the left) who was killed in December by a drunk driver. I hadn't talked to him in a long time. Too long. He'd left a message shortly after Alexandria was born, and I never returned it.

Guilt is heavy.

Anyway, I'm friends with his BFF&F&F&F&F (handsome guy on the right) and they just became friends on Facebook. So I sent in a friend request, and guess what? It was accepted...from beyond.

Conclusion: Jason is in Heaven. And they have Facebook.

I miss you, friend.


Natalie Loves Stripes

After escaping the Jolly Jump of Death last weekend, we enjoyed the rest of the Harvest Moon Festival.

I also picked out a few fashion and lifestyle trends, as well. A girl's always got to keep a sharp eye. I'm offering a pre-emptive "You're Welcome" for the awesome tips that follow.

Stripes are the rage for the boys.

Dirt is the rage for the girls.

Tacky is the rage for land yachts.

And bummed is the rage for the poor soul running the Flea Circus.

Now off you go to file those tips away for the season!

Just Kidding

Remember one post ago when I learned to accept the inevitable change in seasons?

Well. My efforts were in vain.

My neck of the woods is 1034 degrees today. In fact, look what we made for breakfast.

breakfast misunderstanding
Actually, we didn't. But she did.
So the lyrics to the song go, "I know I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'..."

Hey, guy who wrote the song, you're wrong.


Winter Is Here. I'll Suck It Up.

Raindrops on roses...Raindrops are falling on my head...I waaaant to know, have you ever felt the rain...

spider web jewels

Thank you for your photo

Seriously. Everybody seems to be so happy that it's raining and whatever. Hi. I live in California for a reason. It doesn't rain. We're famous for our droughts.

You can tell me that the rain cleans the dust and such, but I'd be thrilled with...

See? Look how happy I am.


And then I remember how I do love sweaters, though, and scarves and wool socks and fires and hot chocolate and snuggling. And coats and hats and gloves and coming in from the cold to a warm house and soup and warm bread and an old quilt. Mmm. Bread.

OK. I'm OK with this now.

Welcome back, Winter.


I've Got a Message!

Dear Lame, Irresponsible, Lazy Parents,

The air filled entertainment (jolly jump, air slide, etc.) is not a babysitter. If you decide to leave and go get a snack while your kid is "being a kid," please do not be surprised when you return to find me going ballistic because your kid trampled my daughter. If having a child was going to cramp your style that much, you should have brought a snack or considered adoption.

Yes, I said it.


Jump House Sacramento
Madsen Family Photos

Dear Shortsighted Charity Event Organizers,

When a mother approaches you holding her crying child and asks, "Are there any supervisors here? My child was just trampled on the air slide," do not be dismissive and say, "We're just volunteers" and "C'mon, they're kids."

I am not concerned with your pay status. I am concerned that there is too large an area to manage and too many children to supervise for the number of workers available. I am concerned that whomever is in charge did not staff the play area well enough, and that shortcoming is endangering the health and well-being of other children.

I understand they're kids. Kids are generally not known for paying attention and making wise choices. That is why we, the adults, must remain ever vigilant and guide them to make wise choices, for their safety and the safety of those around them. Without parents, teachers, and supervisors, they do things like run into the street, eat paste, and oh, trample other children.

I was a concerned parent holding my scared child, and you dismissed me.

I don't think you were responsible enough for the position you held.



I Just Might Love My Job

I work in a family business. Specifically, it's my family's business,
and working there is a child's dream.

I blow up balloons. I keep it simple. I keep them beautiful.

I make people's day.

the colourfulation of balloons
Look who took this photo!

Please go here to see some beautiful photos. There is one of balloons, about halfway down. It's the one with the couple holding hands. Hi. That's the exact look my shop strives for.

Now tell me, who doesn't love a balloon?


Gentle Prodding

I just finished Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games Trilogy.


I encourage every single person who stumbles onto this post to shut down your computer, leave your house, and go buy or borrow a copy of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Then you will be frantic to read Catching Fire, so you might as well pick that up at the same time. Then, you will find yourself in "a state" because the third book has not yet been released, and we can all wallow in misery together.

Go. Shut off your computer and go.




She's Not Baby Z Any More...

She's Zoey!
She was early and she's tiny and sweet and mellow.
She's my niece.

And I love her.

We're blessed with all these kids!