Week 9: Feeling Better, Sort Of

I felt really strong this week!  My muscles worked really well, I had more energy, and I felt more "in the game" mentally.  However, I'm having lingering stomach issues that I'm convinced is not the flu.  It's more irritating than anything!  I think it's probably sapping my energy, so for that reason alone, I need to get better.  To the doctor I go!

The kids left on Thursday so I had some time alone.  I headed out during a break in the rain to do some hill repeats and, happily, I felt pretty good.  Stomach issues nonwithstanding, I had a great run.  My legs felt strong and I maintained controlled breathing.  I really loved running alone, too.  It's always been a challenge for me to have a satisfying run while pushing the running stroller.  I've always been a solitary runner, and accomodating for "company" always feels like a mighty sacrifice.  I enjoyed being on my own again.

I opted out of my long Saturday workout.  I had great workouts with the ladies at Stroller Fitness.  I've especially enjoyed leading the plyometrics portion of the class.  I can feel my abdominals, back, and arms getting stronger.

So that's it.  I did more of the same and built up more of my base.  I'm going to try to get in the pool twice a week for the rest of my training.  I'm also finding that getting time on the bike is a challenge.  But, I'll figure it out.

What Sapped My Motivation:
  • My stupid stomach issues
  • Having a tough week parenting
What Kept Me Going:
  • Having great workouts despite my lame stomach
  • Working out alone
  • Seeing subtle changes in my upper back, arms, and core muscles
  • Feeling strong despite occasional stomach pain